Over 15 years of experienced dog walker & dog sitter in Epsom and surrounding areas

The dogs that we walk are treated as our own for the time that they are with us, we take small groups together, trying as far as possible to match the dog’s personalities together. Socialisation is so important and we try to place the ones who want to run and play together, otherwise, we play with them ourselves! Some dogs, although content to see their friends, prefer to do their own thing sniffing and exploring. You can trust us as dog walkers in Epsom who have years of experience in dog walking and dog sitting.

If any owners prefer their dogs to be kept on leads, we, of course, do this. Most of our client’s dogs have good recalls, but we would be prepared to work on this, if necessary, with the aid of a training line.

Elderly dogs are also catered for, as we will always walk at that dog’s pace, so they don’t get stressed trying to keep up, while the other dogs in the group can run and play. We can offer you a tailored dog walker who can take care of your dog and tend to its needs.

Leave your dog in the hands of our experienced dog walkers in Epsom & surrounding areas

Should you wish to contact us to schedule with a dog walker in any of the areas we service, please don’t hesitate to call us.

As dog walkers who are passionate about dogs, we like to pay a preliminary visit to your home, to find out any likes or dislikes your dog may have and also for the dog to meet us. The service includes free pick up and drop off to your home, including any feeding of your dog that may be required. Each walk is for a minimum of one hour and your dog will be transported in caged vehicles for their safety.

Call the dog walkers trusted by families in Epsom to take care of your family member.


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